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We love games.

At Raining Rock Studio, we believe that games can be more than just entertainment - they have the capacity to change the way we see the world, bring together communities, and tell stories about the world around us.

In addition to creating our own games, we also work with charities and foundations to help spread awareness of their causes through our games. By combining our love for game development with a commitment to supporting vital causes, we can create something truly special.

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I absolutely LOVE playing. It's the highlight of my day.

Birdle Review

All round this is such a great app and superbly executed. It makes me so proud to be a southern African birder! Job well done to the development team. Thank you for this truly great game.

Birdle Review

Well done for such a creative idea to kickstart some birding fun — keep going!

Birdle Review

I really love this idea! It has been helping me teach my partner more about birds in a fun and approachable way :)

Birdle Review